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This page helps you to get started. You can create a new company account for your organization. The company short name can be a nick name of your company. The time zone can also be changed in the setting page later.

Enter company name

After sign up your company account. You can enter your account from here. This page also allow you to swtich between companies if you have multi accounts in our system.

Enter username

This is the most important page. Here you can enter your username. If you need to clock in or out, you can click the CLOCK button. If you need to login, you can click the Login button. You can also see your clock point info such as device ID, WIFI and GPS.

Clock in/out and add note

After you click the CLOCK button in the Enter Username page, this page will be open for you to clock in or out. You can also add note for today. The job option will be shown or hide depends on whether your manager has assigned jobs to you.

Time cards, details and summary

In the [Time cards] page, there are sub pages: list view, day view, job view, job summary, employee summary and department summary. These pages allow you to view all aspects about employees' time and hours.

Who is in

This page allow administrators and managers to view who are currently working. Other info like, what they are working on, when they started, where did they clock in from, how long each employee has been working, etc.

Setting - company

In the [setting - company] page, you can change your company name, time zone, week start day, pay period, punch rounding, over time rules, auto hours deduction and addition, etc.

Setting - users

In the [setting - users] page, you can view all users in your company. There are 3 roles for users: Admin, Manager and Employee. You can add new users, edit current users, archive users. After archived, a user will be inactive.

Setting - jobs

In the [setting - jobs] page, you can add, edit, archive or delete jobs. Before you assigning jobs to users, you need to add them here first. If your company doesn't need to track jobs, please leave this list empty.

Setting - shifts

In the [setting - shifts] page, you can add, edit, archive or delete shifts. Before you assigning shifts to users in the weeek schedule page, you need to add them here first. If your company only has one shift, please leave this list empty.

Setting - week schedule

In the [setting - week schedule] page, you can make weekly schedule for each user. You can assign each day for each user on what shift s/he is going to work on. If your company doesn't need to track shifts, please leave the list empty.

Setting - leave accrual

In the [setting - leave accrual] page, you can set the leave accrual rules for each user. You can set the paid time off auto accrual monthly, yearly or base on the hours s/he worked. If your company doesn't need this feature, please leave the list empty.

Setting - clock points

In the [setting - clock points] page, you can add clock points base on Device ID, WIFI ID, IP address and GPS zone. Your employees will be retrictred to only clock in/out from these clock points. If you don't need this restriction, please leave this list empty.

Reports - export to Excel or PDF file

In many pages, you can find this [reports] button. It allow you to export the current view page data into MS Excel file or PDF file. If you need more reports than we provided, please contact us to discuss.