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Time Attendance Software

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Time Clock Software - Clock Simple is a cloud and web based time clock software system for any size business. Employees can use computer and smart phone to track time and attendance. Managers get payroll reports instantly.

Clock in from computer and phone (product M1)

You don't need a physical time clock. Employees can use our website, installed app in computer, tablet and phone to clock in. Simple yet powerful. It records device ID, IP address, GPS location, WIFI ID with time hours.

Simple design, easy to use (product J1)

You won't have to use all the features we gave you. You can choose to assign departments/managers, jobs, shifts/schedule and holidays. You can restrict employees only to clock in from listed Clock Points. Good time clock software should be so simple.

Screen Monitor and GPS Location Time Clock (product S2)

This app help you to track employees' time for jobs and tasks. It can capture screen shots in setting interval in Windows desktop computer. It also can record employees' GPS locations constantly in Android and iOS (smart phone and tablet).